Do You Suffer From Sciatica?

Learn more about how you may qualify for sciatica clinical trials at Conquest Research with top medical experts in Central Florida.

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Conquest Research Sciatica Clinical Studies

Conquest Research is currently partnering with leading medical research facilities and physicians to conduct clinical trials on treatments related to sciatica. To determine eligibility for any of the studies, a screening visit may include:

  •   Meeting with the study doctor and staff
  •   Reviewing eligibility criteria
  •   Taking any initial evaluations
  •   Completing relevant study questionnaires

Lumbar radiculopathy, commonly known as sciatica, is a condition in which the nerve roots that exit the spine become compressed or pinched. As a result, the nerve is irritated and can cause pain that ranges from mild to severe, and can travel the entire length of the nerve.

The sciatic nerve is responsible for both motor function and sensation in the lower extremities. It emerges from the lumbar (lower back) area of the spine and is the biggest and longest nerve in the human body. This nerve splits and travels downwards through the hips and buttocks, eventually reaching the feet.

Making Treatment Accessible To All

Clinical trials remove cost barriers by providing patients with treatments that are both innovative, safe, and accessible. If you’re ready to receive the latest advancements in modern medicine, participating in degenerative disk disease clinical trials may be the right solution for you.

At Conquest Research, our physicians are seeking adult volunteers experiencing chronic low back pain to take part in clinical trials located in Central Florida. They will study the effects of a medication designed to treat lumbar degenerative disc disease to alleviate chronic low back pain.

Do You Qualify?

You may qualify if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Diagnosis of sciatica or lumbosacral radiculopathy
  • Have no significant improvement in pain over a minimum of 8 weeks

From there, the study doctor may invite you for a screening visit to confirm eligibility criteria.

Although sciatica may cause persistent pain, it doesn’t have to stay. At Conquest Research, our focus is to develop new medical treatments to help present and future generations. By participating in a clinical trial, you can experience top medical care for your spinal disks at no cost.

Join us in our mission to improve lives, starting with yours. If you are interested in participating in a sciatica clinical trial, sign up for a study today.

Sciatica Clinical Trials At Conquest Research

Clinical trials provide a setting for medical experts to develop and test new medical treatments. On the flip side, participants can get early access to the treatment at no cost, alongside other benefits.

Compensation for Time and Travel

Sciatica clinical trial patients may be eligible to receive compensation for time and travel-related expenses. This makes transportation and trial durations far more accessible.

Early Access to Innovative Treatments

As a clinical trial participant, you can receive innovative treatment medication before it becomes available to the public. This means your back pain will begin to subside months or even years in advance.

Clinical Trials and Medication at No Cost

At any Conquest Research trial, you will never be expected to pay out-of-pocket to receive treatment medication. Medical insurance is not required either, making clinical trials one of the best ways you can treat chronic back pain while keeping expenses slim to none.

Sciatica Clinical Trials FAQs

Sciatica, otherwise known as lumbar radiculopathy, is a condition characterized by compression or pinching of the nerve roots as they exit the spine. This can lead to nerve irritation and pain that may radiate along the entire length of the nerve.

Clinical trials serve as a testing ground for the development of new treatments and medications. They provide doctors a way to create safe and effective treatment while also giving patients a chance to treat their disease without traditional healthcare barriers.

Partaking in clinical trials means that you may access new treatment meant to address symptoms and lower your pain. Unlike the traditional healthcare route, a clinical trial does not involve hefty hospital bills.

Take Part in Sciatica Clinical Trials

Join us in our mission toward healthier lives. If you are interested in participating in a sciatica clinical trial, fill out the form today to see if you qualify.

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