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Take a look at what a multiple sclerosis clinical trial looks like at Conquest Research with medical experts in Orlando, Florida.

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    Conquest Research is searching for patient volunteers to participate in clinical studies for multiple sclerosis treatment. Taking part in a preliminary screening visit may include:

    •   Meeting the study doctor and asking any questions
    •  Reviewing eligibility
    •  Doing initial evaluations
    •  Completing study questionnaires

    Am I Qualified?

    Nearly 1 million adults in the United States live with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The condition involves the disruption of communication signals in your nerves, which can result in many debilitating symptoms like numbness, fatigue, or pain. Thankfully, there are treatments available to help aid in recovery and manage the symptoms. 

    Clinical trials provide leading doctors with a space to develop and test the latest multiple sclerosis treatments. You may qualify to receive treatment if:

    • You are 18 years or older
    • Have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

    Clinical Trial Benefits At Investigación de conquista

    In addition to life changing treatment, Conquest Research makes clinical studies accessible and barrier-free through a variety of benefits. In this clinical trial, you can:

    Receive Compensation and Reimbursement

    The biggest factors standing in the way for most patients are money, time, and travel. Conquest Research clinical studies pave the way forward by providing compensation for time, reimbursement for travel, and treatment at no cost.

    Begin Treating Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis clinical trials aim to improve on the existing treatment options in the market through testing and development. As a clinical trial patient, you can experience early access to the treatment before the demand and costs begin to rise.

    Experience Life Changing Treatment at No Cost

    In exchange for your time and participation, you will never have to pay to receive multiple sclerosis treatment. This applies even if you do not have health insurance, making clinical trials one of the most affordable ways to gain access to quality healthcare.

    Get Healthier Under Medical Supervision

    Every Conquest Research clinical trial works with medical experts who have a proven record of success and innovation. In a clinical trial setting, your physician will prioritize your safety and wellbeing as they move forward with treatment.

    Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials FAQs

    Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the brain and central nervous system in your spinal cord. It is where your immune system mistakenly attacks the protective sheath of your nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and body. Common symptoms can include numbness, mood changes, tingling, and memory problems.

    Clinical trials allow new treatment for a disease to be tested and developed in a contained setting before public release. One benefit that multiple sclerosis clinical trial patients receive is early treatment for the disease.

    Without proper treatment, multiple sclerosis can worsen and cause permanent damage to the nerve fibers. While traditional treatment presents high barriers for most patients, multiple sclerosis clinical studies offer a pathway to new treatment in the testing phase at no cost.

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    Join a Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial

    Take part in our mission toward healthier lives. If you are interested in participating in a multiple sclerosis clinical trial, fill out the form today to see if you qualify.

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