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Sciatica from lumbar disc herniation can be life-altering. At Conquest Research, we're pioneering a clinical trial for a potential breakthrough medication. Be a part of this exciting journey, experience potential relief, and pave the way for future treatment advancements.


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    What to Expect From Screening Process for Sciatica from Lumbar Disc Herniation

    Conquest Research is on a mission to aid individuals plagued by sciatica resulting from lumbar disc herniation by providing the opportunity to engage in clinical trials poised to usher in innovative treatments. Upholding the highest standards of safety for our participants, we incorporate a rigorous screening regimen to ascertain their suitability for the study. Our screening process encompasses:

    •   Meeting with the study doctor and staff
    •   Reviewing eligibility criteria
    •   Taking any initial evaluations
    •   Completing relevant study questionnaires

    Sciatica from lumbar disc herniation is a condition where pain radiates along the sciatic nerve, typically affecting one side of the body. It arises when a spinal disc's soft center breaches its exterior. With causes ranging from age-related wear to physical trauma, our study aims to advance effective treatments.

    Senior woman suffering sciatica from lumbar disc herniation
    Man suffering sciatica from lumbar disc herniation

    Criteria for Participation in Sciatica from Lumbar Disc Herniation Clinical Trials

    Before entering our lumbar disc herniation clinical trials, candidates must go through a series of evaluations to ensure they adhere to our eligibility requirements. This includes physical examinations, diagnostic checks, and a comprehensive review of their medical history. It's crucial for participants to meet the following qualifications:

    • Be between 30 and 70 years of age
    • Have a history of lumbar disc herniation

    If you're curious about the enrollment journey or have any questions, please click the button below to see if you qualify.

    Reasons to Participate in Sciatica from Lumbar Disc Herniation Clinical Trials at Conquest Research

    In addition to improving your quality of life and contributing to the development of new treatments for psoriasis, participating in a clinical trial at Conquest Research offers additional advantages as a patient

    Zero-Cost Study-Related Care

    The idea of incurring additional medical expenses can be daunting. At Conquest Research, we ensure that all study-related care comes at no extra cost to you. Our goal is to provide you with the best care while advancing medical research, without adding any financial burden on your part.

    Male patient consulting doctor about clinical trials for sciatica from lumbar disc herniation

    Compensation for Your Commitment

    Your contribution to our study is invaluable. As a token of our appreciation, we offer compensation for the time and effort you invest. This may also include reimbursements for travel and other related expenses. You're not just participating; you're partnering with us, and we ensure your effort is recognized.

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    No Medical Insurance? No Problem!

    Medical insurance can often be a barrier to accessing quality care. However, in our clinical trial, no medical insurance is required to participate. We are here to provide cutting-edge treatment options regardless of your insurance status.

    Contribute to a Brighter Future for All

    By being a part of our lumbar disc herniation study, you play a direct role in paving the way for new treatments and interventions. Each participant strengthens our collective understanding and brings us one step closer to providing relief to countless individuals suffering from this condition. Joining our study is not just about personal benefit; it's about making a difference for future generations.

    Patient consulting with female doctor about clinical trials for sciatica from lumbar disc herniation

    Sciatica from Lumbar Disc Herniation Clinical Trials FAQs

    Sciatica from lumbar disc herniation occurs when one of the discs in the lower back becomes damaged, either due to wear and tear, injury, or other factors, and presses on the sciatic nerve. This pressure can lead to pain, numbness, or tingling radiating down the leg, which is commonly referred to as sciatica. Other factors like poor posture, muscle imbalances, and prolonged sitting can also exacerbate the condition.
    The most noticeable symptom of sciatica is a sharp pain that radiates from the lower back down to the back of one leg, possibly even reaching the foot. This can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and an uncomfortable sensation likened to ‘pins and needles'.
    Current treatments for sciatica from lumbar disc herniation can range from conservative approaches like physical therapy, over-the-counter pain medications, and lifestyle modifications, to more aggressive interventions such as epidural steroid injections or surgery. The choice of treatment often depends on the severity of the symptoms and the specific circumstances of the patient.
    In this trial, researchers aim to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new medication designed to alleviate pain and discomfort from sciatica resulting from lumbar disc herniation. The goal is to provide a more targeted approach to treatment, potentially minimizing side effects and improving the quality of life for patients.

    Clinical trials play an essential role in advancing medical knowledge and developing new treatments. By participating, you can access cutting-edge treatments that may not be available to the broader public yet. Furthermore, you'll be contributing to the advancement of science, helping researchers understand the condition better, and paving the way for more effective treatments in the future. Your participation can make a difference for both current and future patients.

    Senior man suffering sciatica from lumbar disc herniation
    Patient during clinical trial for sciatica from lumbar disc herniation

    Stand Strong Against Sciatica: Join Our Lumbar Disc Herniation Clinical Trial Today!

    Facing challenges from sciatica? Dive into our lumbar disc herniation clinical trial and be at the forefront of potential breakthrough solutions. Your involvement can shape the future of sciatica care. If you or a loved one is affected, check your eligibility by completing our form. Champion change – enroll today!

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